Image of Sabotage Gigante (CD)

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Sabotage Gigante (CD)

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Rob Sonic's 2nd studio album

Featuring: Aesop Rock and Busdriver

Original Release: Sept, 2007 (Definitive Jux Records)

Art by: ROUGH

Track Listing:

1. "Teeth Eat Her" 3:57
2. "Brand New Vandals" 3:49
3. "The Over Under" 3:38
4. "Mother of All Bombs" 3:58
5. "Ready Aim Shoot" 3:22
6. "Rock the Convoy" 3:58
7. "Smoke If You Got'um" (featuring Aesop Rock) 4:22
8. "Dead As Disco" 3:48
9. "Fat Man & Little Boy" 4:47
10. "Spy Hunter" (featuring Busdriver) 2:49
11. "A Cold Cold War" 3:51