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Alice In Thunderdome (CD)


Rob Sonic's critically acclaimed 3rd Studio album.

Featuring Guest Apperances by Aesop Rock and Breeze Brewin of the Juggaknots as well as Production by Aesop Rock and Edison.

Artwork by: Bosko Jackson

Original Release: August 2014

Track Listing:

1. Jesus Christ Super Tramp 03:33
2. Alice In Thunderdome 03:39
3. GORF 02:51
4. Freezer Food 03:39
5. Kill Joy - Feat. Aesop Rock 02:47
6. Everything Bagel 04:01
7. Happyland Disco 03:32
8. Not For Nothing - Feat. Breeze Brewin of The Juggaknots 02:59
9. Student Bodies 03:13
10. Rock Paper Scissors 03:23
11. Pep Rally 03:29